Enve Mountain Bike Wheels

Enve mountain bike rims set the gold standard for carbon wheel performance.  These rims are made in the good ol US-of-A by applepie eating, Chev-driving yanks who take their high end carbon production very seriously indeed.

A key feature of all Enve rims is their molded spoke holes.  Rather than drill holes in a completed rim like every other manufacturer Enve goes to the trouble of molding each spoke hole and providing a small pad for the spoke nipple to sit.  This process is time consuming and expensive but it means spoke hole cracks are non-existent on Enve rims.

Enve rims won’t save any weight over a light-weight aluminium rim so what’s all the fuss about?  Simply put the lateral stiffness of these wheels needs to be ridden to be believed.  The unanimous feedback from riders is that these rims increases their confidence and the more aggressive you ride the more benefit you’ll get.  These rims will attack corners better and hold their line better over rough ground.

All this technology comes at a price – wheels built around Enve rims are not cheap.  The price will vary depending on what type of rim and hub are used so for more information about what components will suit you and what they’re going to cost please get in touch.  Are they worth the eyewatering pricetag?  Only you can decide but we have demo wheels available if you’d like to see for yourself.

Why Wheelworks?

Enve rims are only half the story – to build a great pair of wheels you need to select the right hubs and spokes and (most importantly) build the wheels to the highest possible standards.

On top of Enve’s 5 year rim warranty we stand behind all of our wheels with a lifetime guarantee against broken spokes meaning years of trouble-free riding.

We’ve been building with Enve rims since way back in 2006 (when they were called Edge) and we have experience with Enve and all other brands of carbon and aluminium wheels.  Our customer service and product knowledge is second to none and we specialize in building durable, trouble-free wheels. We stock the products we sell and even though each wheelset is custom built to order we offer quick delivery times and shipping around New Zealand and Australia.

We can help you select the correct pair of hubs for your weight and riding style and we can customize your Enve wheels with coloured decals and coloured spokes.

XC rims

The cross-country version of Enves rims are 24mm deep with an internal width of 18mm.  These rims are suitable for aggressive cross-country use.

XC rims are available in 26″, 650b and 29″ sizes and will suit tyres up to 2.5″ in width.  They’re tubeless-ready and will be delivered with tubeless tape and valves installed.

AM rims

The All Mountain version of Enve rims are 31mm deep with an internal width of 24mm.   These rims are suitable for aggressive use.

AM rims are available in 26″, 650b and 29″ sizes and will suit tyres up to 2.5″ in width.  They’re tubeless-ready and will be delivered with tubeless tape and valves installed.

Hub options:

High quality rims deserve high quality hubs so we’ll generally build Enve rims into Chris King, DT Swiss, Hope or Hadley hubs.  Get in touch if you have questions about what hub is right for you.

Warranty and crash replacement:

Enve rims have an industry-leading 5 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials.

If rim damage occurs from a crash or massive hit  we offer a $700 no-questions crash replacement of a new rim, new spoke nipples, and a wheel rebuild.

Get in touch or buy

Looking for a generic shopping website full of confusingly similar products, inaccurate specs, and bland descriptions?  Sorry to disappoint.  Each Wheelworks wheel is built to order and a big part of why our wheels are so good is because we take the time to come up with a selection of components which is going to suit your needs.  This process can be as simple or as in-depth as you want it to be and can be done over email or the telephone.

If you want to know more about our Enve carbon rims or which wheelset will suit you please get in touch on 04 387 3592, or fill in the contact form below and I’ll reply in one business day.

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