Why 1x doesn’t work on road bikes (yet)

"This lab rat thing is now costing us results" – AquaBlue

This is why 1x doesn’t work on road bikes

AquaBlue made headlines last year for their novel 3T bikes with disc brakes (gasp) and 1x drivetrain (double-gasp) but as their season has progressed the riders, mechanics and owner have become increasingly frustrated with the bikes’ problems resulting in the team owner tweeting the above.

Clearly 1x drivetrains are the not the future that 3T envisioned so 3T released a version of this frame designed for 2x drivetrains yesterday. In the longstanding cycling tradition of making your company sound Italian it’s been named the DUE (Italian for “two”) but for the poor riders on AquaBlue it would have been better named the overDUE.

So how come mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes have been using 1x drivetrains for years and years without issue?

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