Meet the Maker

The Maker is a high performance carbon clincher wheelset designed to handle everything from mid-week commuting to UCI racing.

Every time I started travelling at 35km/h or more, the wheels seemed to gain a measure of momentum. It was an intoxicating sensation and I found myself motivated to urge the bike and the wheels on, just to savour the speed. –CyclingTips

Wheelworks has been building custom wheelsets for over 10 years and in that time we’ve learned a lot about what makes a great wheelset. The Maker is the culmination of seeing what works and what doesn’t.  By using the highest quality components and the best wheelbuilding processes in the business can we’re able to stand behind the Maker with our lifetime guarantee – we’re the only company in the world to have so much confidence in our wheels.

In creating the Maker, Wheelworks has translated the strengths of carbon fibre from racing into everyday use. –CyclingTips

Offered in three depths for different rider weights and usage and with multiple hub options we’ll work with you to select the right front and rear rim depths to ensure a wheelset which perfectly balances aerodynamics, climbing ability, and crosswind performance.  To further personalize the wheels we can mix-and-match depths to create mullets – shorter in the front for better crosswind performance and deeper in the back for greater stiffness and aerodynamics. Parallel braketracks give great brake performance in both wet and dry conditions.  We’re willing to sacrifice some theoretical wind-tunnel gain for real-world brake performance in both wet and dry conditions. Specially designed brakepads are included with the Maker wheels and we’ll provide free replacement brakepads for the life of the wheelest – no excuse for riding you Makers through the hills and in the rain.

The quality of braking was good, perhaps even close to excellent –CyclingTips


[Wheelworks] decided solid braking performance trumps marginal aero benefit so angled brake surfaces used by other brands to enhance the aero benefit of their wheels were shelved in favour of parallel brake tracks. -CycleExif

A deep central gutter means it’s easy to install and remove tyres without sacrificing safety.  Save those curse words for inconsiderate drivers, not a simple tyre change. Angled spoke holes in the Maker rim ensure perfect alignment as the spokes enter the rim – part of the reason we offer a lifetime guarantee against broken spokes. Standard innertubes or tubeless – it’s your choice.  The Maker comes ready for road tubeless tyres. Designed by wheelbuilders and built by the industry’s best carbon manufacturing facility:  We worked with the industry’s best design and manufacturing facility to produce the Maker. We built our own UCI testing jig to put the Maker through it’s paces and we’re proud to report it easily exceeded the impact tests.

Performance-wise, there are certainly no concerns. Rims of this depth on hubs of this quality, built straight and true and shod with decent tyres are effortless to ride on most roads (and are an absolute hoot on gravel roads, if your frame clearance allows). At pace they’re like sails and they don’t even make life particularly hard when the altimeter starts ticking over. -CycleExif