Carbon Rim Repair Kit


Carbon Rim Repair Kit


Is this a joke?  Yes and no…depends what brand of wheels you ride…

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A tube of superglue?  Is this a joke?!?

The simple reality is that our carbon wheelset range is incredibly durable with and industry-leading failure rate of around half-of-a-percent despite being thrashed by capable, aggressive riders.  Let’s be very clear: The chance of you ever needing to use this repair kit is tiny plus our no-bullshit lifetime warranty will replace a damaged rim.

The biggest fear we see with people looking at our carbon range is that the rim is going to somehow explode into an unridable cloud of carbon dust if the gnar gets too much but our experience selling and repairing carbon rims shows this isn’t true.  Our Stealth, Apex and Flite rims are the evolution of years of building with the excellent Derby rims and over the 5 years of being the world’s largest Derby dealer and now with our proprietary rims we are yet to see one of our wheels damaged which cannot be safely ridden.  What we’ve seen are Z-shaped cracks just below the point of impact.  The worst damage we’ve seen is a wheel which won’t hold tubeless.  We’ve never had a wheel go out of true let alone not be able to be ridden.

Super glue does an excellent job of sealing up a crack, preventing any further damage, and allowing the wheel to be run tubeless again.  It’s easy to apply and dries quickly – in fact in a race situation it’s probably faster than fitting an innertube.

This Carbon Repair Kit is not specific to Wheelworks wheels and will be far more useful on other brands of carbon rim 🙂

Tom Bradshaw huck-to-rockgarden in the Mammoth Enduro. Nope, no damage.

Woody getting sideways in Rotorua. Nope, no damage.


Tom Bradshaw abusing a set of steps in the Three Peaks Enduro. Nope, no damage.