DT Swiss Alloy Mountain Bike Wheelset

NZ incl GST $1,200

DT Swiss Alloy Mountain Bike Wheelset

NZ incl GST $1,200

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We love the current range of DT Swiss aluminium rims and we’ve found them to be the strongest, most durable alloy rims on the market.  We still build with Stan’s, Spank, Race Face and other alloy rims but for most riders and most uses the DT Swiss range is our first suggestion.

XC / Down-country: XM-421

This is a light weight rim suited for XC race bikes with 2.1″ tyres.  In many cases the XM-481 will be a better choice as it’s 30mm width widens tyres and gives more grip at lower pressure but for those XC purists the XM-421 is the perfect rim.

Trail: XM-481 and XM-471

The XM-481 is a versatile Trail rim which works well for Down-country bikes with 2.2″ tyres all the way up to light-weight 140mm Trail bikes.

The XM-471 is a slightly narrower version of the same rim with a 25mm internal width for those looking for a narrower rim.

Enduro: EX-511

This is one of our favourite rims to build with:  Stiff, precise, and durable.  The EX-511 is perfect for hard-hitting Trail bikes all the way through to Enduro senders.

Downhill and SuperEnduro: FR-560

Are you too rowdy for the EX-511?  The FR-560 will shrug off your cased landings and poor rockgarden choices.

eMTB: HX-531

The HX-531 is basically an EX-511 which spent a few weeks at the gym bulking up.  Same excellent profile and shape just a thicker extrusion and more metal where the spoke nipples enter to deal with the extra loads of ebikes.

Other DT Swiss Rims

The above are just a selection of the vast range of aluminium rims which DT Swiss make – if there is something else you’re looking for get in touch.



Rim  Internal External Height 27.5″ Weight 29″ Weight
XC: XM-421 25mm 30mm 20mm
Trail: XM-471 25mm 30mm 21mm
Trail: XM-481 30mm 34mm 21mm
Enduro: EX-511 30mm 34mm 21mm
Enduro: FR-560 30mm 35mm 21mm
Ebike / Enduro: HX-531 30mm 35mm 21mm

After Sale Support

Our commitment to you doesn’t end once we’ve got your money: If you have any questions maintaining or servicing your wheelset we’re here to help. Just get in touch.

Each wheel we build is engraved with a unique number and we keep detailed records dating back over 13 years tracking not just who built your wheels but minute details like spoke length, pre-stress procedure, and even what type of grease was used between the spoke and nipple.

Flite vs Apex vs Stealth

All three of these models use the carbon rim, have the same warranty, and are individually handbuilt just for you.

Flite: This is our top of the line build using DT Swiss Aerolite spokes. These spoke save 150 grams and give the wheelset a more lively, responsive feel but cost more money: A simple weight vs cost tradeoff. Your choice of hubs, colours, axle types, and wheel size.

Apex: We use round-section DT Swiss Competition spokes and a slightly simpler colourway to bring the price down while keeping the same complete choice of hubs and axle types as the Flite build.

Stealth: By reducing options we can reduce the price. Black decals, DT Swiss Competition spokes, and the excellent Dial hub make up the bones of this model. You still get to choose between Boost and non-Boost, Shimano or XD freehub body, and wheel size. No corners are cut: The Stealth wheels are still built to order and have the same amount of attention and love poured into them.

Tubeless Ready

Tubeless allows lower tyre pressure, more grip, and less punctures. It’s a no-brainer.

Tubeless rim-tape and a pair of light weight CNC aluminium tubeless valves are already fitted when you pull your new wheels out of the box. Our attention to detail extends to the tubeless valves: serrated lockrings makes them easy to fit or remove and integrated wrench-flats are provided for super-tight valves. The valve cores are removable for easy cleaning or for assistance while installing difficult tubeless tyres. The inner section of the valve is optimised for our rims ensuring an easy air-tight fit.

DT Swiss or Wheelworks Decals

Do you prefer Wheelworks decals matched to your frames colourway or the factory DT Swiss decals?  No problem either way.

Lifetime Spoke Warranty

Like every wheel we built we guarantee you’ll never break a spoke on our DT Swiss wheels.  How can we say this?  Because our build process and the steps we take to ensure the wheel is correctly laced, tensioned and trued mean our spokes don’t break.

2 Year Rim Warranty

DT Swiss aluminium rims have a two year warranty which covers manufacturing defects