Bolt Aluminium


Bolt Aluminium


Light and responsive enough for racing but durable enough for daily use

Build your own


The perfect custom built wheelset, made just for you.

Build you dream wheelset with a choice from 3 rim depths, 15 hub options, and an endless array of colour options to perfectly match you and your bike. We designed our Bolt wheelset to be the most competitive alloy wheel in the world. Respectable weight paired to unbeatable durability, the Bolt is an all weather racing wheelset ready to handle big kms and big watts.


Why get custom built wheels?

There are two main factors in building a good set of wheels: First, there is component selection, each component needs to be selected for the intended use, and the way they interact needs to be taken into account. For every order, we follow-up with a phone call to learn more about you and your intended use for the wheelset; only then do we lock-in the components and method to be used in your build.

The second main factor in a bespoke wheel build is the assembly. Unlike the traditional bikeshop who occasionally builds wheels, we are solely focused on building excellent wheels and delivering world-class service.  We have engineered our own equipment to ensure your wheels set will be exceed every benchmark in quality.  We are so confident in our methods, we offer a life time warranty on spoke breakage. That, combined with the custom decals to colour match your bike, it’s easy to see why our wheels are shaking up the bigger overseas rivals.

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Spoke Info

We use the DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spoke for all of our premium wheels.  The Aerolite has a round 2.0mm diameter head and thread, and is tapered and flattened to a 0.9×2.3mm bladed center section.

We take the excellent quality DT Swiss spokes and then apply some Wheelworks magic to them to further increase their durability.  Rather than rely on boxed spoke lengths in 2mm increments we cut each and every spoke to the exact length needed, down to 0.1mm, and then roll 10mm of beautiful new thread on our Japanese made Morizumi machine.  Exact spoke length means the spoke nipples are fully supported and eliminates nipple breakage, even when using light weight aluminium nipples.

Once our spokes are laced into your wheels they go through a rigours pre-stress procedure which eliminates any popping or pinging of the spokes and further increases their durability.

Because of our attention to detail we offer a lifetime guarantee against broken spokes on all our wheels.

After Sale Support

Our commitment to you doesn’t end once we’ve got your money:  If you have any questions maintaining or servicing your wheelset we’re here to help.  Just get in touch.

Each wheel we build is engraved with a unique number and we keep detailed records dating back over 10 years tracking details like spoke length, pre-stress procedure, and even what type of grease was used between the spoke and nipple.

Hub Choices

All Bolt wheelsets can be customised to suit your weight, riding style and budget. Hub options include offerings from Dial, DT Swiss 240 or 350, Chris King and White Industries, and in a multitude of colour options.

Had another brand in mind?  Want a higher spoke count? have a bike with unique hub standards?   Get in touch, we’re always excited to tailor a wheelset just for you.

Rim Options

All Bolt wheels can be tailored with 22mm and/or 25mm rim depth, and 30mm rims are coming soon, with weight’s ranging from 440g to 495g.

Inner diameter is 20mm and 24mm outer diameter.

Want a different depth on the rear than front? no problems, just let us know.

Skewers & Brakepads

All Bolt wheels are compatible with standard brake pads designed for alloy braking surfaces.

Our quick release road skewers are supplied with the Bolt wheels and are the result of four generations of iteration and improvement and bring attention to detail to an often overlooked wheel component.

An internal-cam closure means smooth, quiet operation with a clamping force which can’t be met with external-cam designs.  A steel shaft ensures ultimate stiffness and security and the sculpted lever is comfortable in the hand and sits flush when closed.

Bolt Weights

Weights coming soon