We’re pushing the boat out with the TrailBerd: it’s the lightest mountain bike wheelset we’ve ever built. It utilizes our lightest possible layup of our 30mm rim platform and Berd spokes to simultaneously drop weight while improving the wheels’ ability to dampen vibrations, leading to a more comfortable, smoother ride.  When paired with top-of-the-line DT Swiss 180 EXP hubs and Wheelworks’ carbon rim technology the TrailBerd is an incredible 1305 gram wheelset.

We design the TrailBerd to perform to the same high levels and to be as easy-to-own as our other Wheelworks wheels, just ultra light.  The 30mm internal rim width gives your XC or Down-country bike the same wide-rim confidence as the TrailLite and DT Swiss 180 EXP hubs ‘just work’; they require zero adjustment and almost no maintenance.

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The TrailBerd is our portrayal of the best XC wheelset.

You see, building super light wheels is actually very easy but comes with compromises.  We could easily save another 120 grams by using a skinny 25mm rim and by selecting an uberlight pair of hubs which require constant adjustment and maintenance.  But that’s not our philosophy on wheels – it would be an internet sensation but not translate to real-world performance and would downgrade the overall performance of your bike.

Want to learn more about our design decisions for the TrailBerd?  Check out Tristan’s Journal.

Included With Your TrailBerd

What are Berd spokes?

Berd’s unique UHMWPE spokes create a smoother, softer ride than traditional steel spokes while reducing weight.  

UHMWPE stands for “ultra high molecular weight polyethylene” and is a nontoxic  thermoplastic polyethylene with great abrasion resistance.  It’s used in high-performance sails, parachutes and paragliders, yacht rigging, and cycling shoes.

Dyneema and Spectra are brand names of UHMWPE which you might be familiar with.

Berd Challenges

Berd’s UHMWPE spokes come with unique wheelbuilding challenges.  They are extremely time-consuming to lace and true and require a comprehensive tensioning and settling process.  Unlike traditional steel spokes which are rigid the Berd spokes are like string in your hands – a truly unique feel.

Our 16 years of wheelbuilding experience and the cumulative knowledge acquired from building thousands and thousands of wheels is crucial when using Berd spokes and you can trust that our processes, tooling, and skill has been fully applied to your TrailBerd wheelset and that no corners have been cut in meticulously handcrafting your wheels.

Wider is better

The TrailBerd’s 30mm internal width is ideally suited to tyres ranging from 2.1” to 2.4” in width allowing lower tyres pressure to be used for better climbing grip, improved braking traction, and will provide these tyres with incredible sidewall support for aggressive cornering.  The TrailBerd allows you to attack every descent and rail every corner with newfound confidence.

We were early adopters of the wide rim ‘trend’ back in 2010 and have spent the past 12 years demonstrating that wider rims bring benefits of more traction and more confidence to all types of bikes.  This is especially true with modern XC and Down-country bikes which have capable geometry and suspension platforms but are often hamstrung by insufficiently capable wheels.

The TrailBerd’s rims are a derivative of our Version 3 rim platform and utilise the strongest possible carbon fibre so we can use less material in lay-up to reduce weight.  The beautiful surface finish of the TrailBerd rims shrugs off rock strikes and scratches.

Light weight.  Even the decals.

The weight of decals is often overlooked, but can be significant.  We’ve measured competitors’ rim decals at up to 120 grams (!) and this is the main reason we use ultra light 50-micron thick CNC cut decals on all of our wheelsets.  For the TrailBerd we’ve gone one step further by hollowing out the decal graphics to bring the decal weight down to a scant 4 grams while still offering over 1500 unique colour combinations to personalise your wheels.

Unlike some brands the weight of decals is included in our published 1305 gram weight for the TrailBerd.

TrailBerd Lifetime Guarantee

As with all Wheelworks carbon wheels the TrailBerd has a lifetime guarantee against both manufacturing defects and impact damage.  A warranty this comprehensive is unheard of in such light weight wheels but demonstrates the quality and intention to detail that we build into every TrailBerd.

Berd spokes have a 5 year warranty on manufacturing defects.   Our normal Wheelworks lifetime warranty on wheelbuild quality and durability still applies so if a spoke breaks through normal use we will replace it free of charge.

TrailBerd’s lifetime rim guarantee covers you for any damage sustained while riding the bike, including impact damage.

This warranty is for the original owner and does not cover damage caused by improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, accident, improper usage, or the natural breakdown of colours and materials over extended time and use. 

A note on weights

Our carbon rims are constructed by hand-laying segments of fiber into a heated mold, then adding a precise amount of resin to the mold before allowing the carbon and resin to cure (harden) under both heat and pressure.   The amount of carbon fiber overlap will vary slightly in each rim meaning rim weights will vary by around 4 grams.  Additionally, different freehub body configurations will vary by 6 grams leading to TrailBerd wheels ranging from approximately 1295 to 1315 grams.  This weight includes decals but does not include tubeless tape and valves which will add 28 grams.

These are real (not claimed) weights as demonstrated by our photos and video.

Covid-19 Availability

On the whole the availability of our rims, hubs and other stock has not been affected by Covid-19; we have plenty of rims, hubs and spokes in stock. From time to time custom or rare components will be special ordered and in these situations we do our best to get those items as quickly as possible.

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