A Close Look at the Dial Mountain Bike Hubs

Not simply content with offering industry-leading hubs from DT Swiss, Hope, Chris King and White Industries we have developed our own high end hubset – the Dial.

Wheelworks Dial hubs are named after their precision freehub body which sounds like the dial on a bank vault.   The Dial’s 72 point engagement freehub body comes into it’s own when riding technical trails like Wellington’s Rata Ridge where it’s near instant engagement helps climbing and cornering.
Internally machined axles and spacers keep the weight down to help without compromising strength or resilience.

Spoke durability is extremely important to us:  We stake our reputation on our ability to build wheels which don’t suffer broken spokes.  Subtle but important design features in the Dial ensure the best possible spoke durability:  Angled flanges, a feature found on only the highest quality hubs, aim the spoke directly at the rim.  The spoke holes and their perfectly chamfered edges are specially designed to correctly cradle a spoke.

It rains a lot in New Zealand so we spec’d top of the line bearings hidden behind low-friction seals to ensure long running performance.

Our wheelsets are sold around the world and when developing our hubs we took special care to ensure they would be easy to own and easy to service.  No special tools are required to service the freehub body or swap between axle standards and hub bearings are normal sizes and easy to find.
If you have any questions about servicing or maintaining the Dial hub our trained and experienced staff are available to help.

Dial hubs are available on our full range of mountain bike and disc brake road wheelsets.

Ride Tested

In addition to rigorous laboratory testing to ensure freehub performance and bearing durability we’ve had our staff and ambassadors ringing the neck of Dial hubs for over a year including a heavy dose of racing at everything from the Whaka100 to the Enduro World Series.

Tech Info


Front: 2x 6902 (15x28x7mm)

Rear: 2x 6902 (15x28x7mm)

Freehub body – HG and XD: 3x (15x26x7mm) – included with freehub body

Freehub body – Microspline: 2x (15x26x7mm) and 2x 6802 (15x24x5mm) – included with freehub body


100mm non-Boost front: 135g

110mm Boost front: 142g

142x12mm non-Boost rear: 261g

148x12mm Boost rear: 267g


Front hubs are available with quick release, 12mm, 15mm or RockShox Torque Cap.  Rear hubs are available with quick release or 12mm thru-axles. 


Freehub body

6 pawls with individual springs.

Tool-free removal:  A gentle tug will remove the freehub body.  A one-way seal inside the endcap allows easy removal while preventing accidental loosening.

Clean the pawls and springs with a lint-free rag and re-lube with a thin grease such as Exus or a thick chainlube like the green-lid Finishline.

Replacement freehub bodies for Sram or Shimano are available here.  A replacement freehub body includes new bearings, pawls, springs, spacer, and external seal.