Meet our team

High Performance, Handbuilt Wheels.

We’re here to Optimise Your Ride.
Every wheelset is custom built just for you.  Over the past 2 decades of wheelbuilding, we’ve seen every trend come and go and we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.  Our philosophy is to ignore the trends and the hype, and build the world's finest wheels. We focus so much on quality because quality leads to durability and performance.  Quality is what allows us to offer world-beating wheelsets with unmatched performance and unmatched warranties.

Meet the Team below, and meet our Ambassadors here.

Tristan – Founder, Owner, Spokesman

Tristan first entered the bicycle industry in 1999 on Vancouver Island, Canada. Fostering a love for bicycles, he backed his career by studying Mechanical Engineering, fusing his adept handicraft with his love for bikes. Equipped with these, he began Wheelworks out of a quest to optimise ride performance.

He is obsessive about mechanical standards and high workmanship, which is what sets the prestigious standards for what Wheelworks delivers. Tristan is responsible for both designing and building all the proprietary software and tooling at Wheelworks.

Tristan has owned bikes across nearly every category: road, MTB, fixie, breakaway, BMX, trials, CX, Track, eBikes and acoustic. He raced on the road for years in New Zealand; but don’t let that fool you, he is equally skilled on a Mountain Bike - he grew up riding Canada's North Shore and Vancouver Island in his formative years.

Andrew – Sales 

“Varied” doesn’t begin to describe Andrew’s background: he’s worked as a trader in investment banks in NZ and London, he’s been a design tutor and exhibiting photographer, and he’s built and sold his own business as a governance and advisory specialist. He holds degrees in mathematics, design and fine arts, and is a chartered member of the Institute of Directors in NZ, having chaired boards in industries as diverse as certifying modified vehicles, milking sheep and playing ultimate frisbee.  

Here at Wheelworks, Andrew is all about understanding you, the customer, and meeting your needs and expectations. He has a passion for grasping the bigger picture and can quickly figure out how things work together; which is perfect when optimising bike performance. A keen listener and problem-solver, Andrew will work with you to find solutions which exceed your expectations.

Andrew joined Wheelworks after being a long time customer and advocate for the business. When the opportunity arose to join the team and help others experience the quality and performance of Wheelworks handcrafted wheels, it was too good to miss. It truly is a labour of love.

Andrew’s been passionate about bikes and riding since getting his first banana-seat Chopper in the 1970’s. Even at the age of seven he was spending his Christmas money on mods and upgrades. He races on the road, plays in the mountains and most recently he’s been active in long-distance multi-day adventures such as Tour Aotearoa and Kopiko Aotearoa.

Erin – General Manager

Erin has over 15 years in data driven and customer relationship marketing businesses, with roles ranging from client, insight and production management to team and project leadership. She’s pivotal in keeping our customers' experience front and centre. Leveraging a BCA in Management and Marketing and BA in Philosophy, she drives our strategy and is always finding new ways to enable the team to do their best work.

A Wellingtonian born and bred, Erin is a professional bike race supporter; handing out bidons, taking photos, driving the team car and issuing goo.

She identifies as a foodie, (and a bit of a wine snob), which accentuates her love of travel and exploration – especially in NZ. Her current fitness obsession is walking – taking advantage of the amazing trails in Wellington and around NZ.