18 Month Wheelset Leasing

Leasing wheels gives you complete flexibility:  Not sure of the wheelsize of your next bike?  Worried that SuperMegaUltraBoost will make your wheels obsolete?  Want to have small monthly payments rather than a lump sum?

Who is leasing available to?

Currently we’re only offering leasing in New Zealand. If you’re outside NZ and would like to lease please get in contact to register your interest.

What does leasing cost?

A one-time fee to get started, either $1050 or $1150 depending on which wheelset you choose, then 18 payments of $115 per month.

What wheelset options are there?

We offer these wheelsets for lease. All wheelset are our premium builds using top of the line Dial hubs and either DT Swiss Aerolite spokes or Berd Polylight spokes, and each wheelset is individually built just for you so you have the full range of colour, freehub body, and axle size options available.

What happens at the end of the lease?

At the end of the 18 months you’ve got four options:

  1. End the lease, box the wheels up and courier them back to us
  2. Renew the lease and get a brand-new pair of wheels
  3. Buy the wheels outright for $650
  4. Extend your lease for a further 6 months then buy the wheels outright for $115


Option (1) is just as simple as it sounds: simply arrange a courier to send the wheels back to us.

Option (2) means starting a new lease on a new set of wheels. We’ll give you 40% off the establishment fee of the new lease, upgrade you to the latest rim and hub technology, and build you a new pair of wheels. Once you receive the new wheels you can use that same shipping box and a courier will return the old wheels to us.

Option (3) means you take permanent ownership of the wheels and you own them forever. Our lifetime warranty is of course still valid.

Option (4) is designed to spread the cost of buying the wheels outright, or give you more time to make a decision to switch to another option if you’re still thinking about which new bike to buy.

What if I want to upgrade to a new wheelset before the end of my lease?

No problem:  After 12 months you’re able to upgrade to a new set of wheels and restart your lease.

What if I damage the wheels?

All of our wheelsets have a lifetime warranty whether leased or purchased.  This includes rim impact damage on OG and Flite wheelsets: should you damage one of those rims through riding we’ll replace the rim or wheel free of charge and our 24 hour warranty turn-around will ensure you’re not kept off your bike.

There is no need to worry about wear-and-tear on the hub bearings – the Dial’s sealed bearings are excellent quality and should last the entire rental period with regular care and maintenance.

If there is any other damage done to the wheels, for example a stick jumping into the spokes or your chain jumping off the cassette and damaging spokes, we’ll repair the wheels and charge you for the damage.

What if I have other questions?

Please drop us a note or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to talk through whether leasing or buying is best for you.