High Performance

Lightweight, fast rolling, and quick engagement. Designed by wheelbuilders who love to ride. 

Intuitive Design.

Decades of wheel building and servicing inspired a modular, easy-to-own hub. 


Committed to keeping up with evolving industry standards, Dial hubs are backed with a 5-Year spare parts promise.

No Broken Spokes

Spoke durability is extremely important to us: We stake our reputation on our ability to build wheels which don’t suffer broken spokes.

Subtle but important design features in the Dial ensure the best possible spoke durability: Angled flanges, a feature found on only the highest quality hubs, aim the spoke directly at the rim.

The spoke holes and their perfectly chamfered edges are specially designed to correctly cradle a spoke.

Servicing and Parts

No special tools are required to service the freehub body or swap between axle standards and hub bearings are normal sizes and easy to find.

"I love the functional design of the Dial hubs. My priority is a durable wheelset, I really appreciate the attention to detail in design that leads to some of the strongest wheels available" - Tom

"when racing my bike, serviceability and functionality rank highly on my priority list. The Dial hub has lasted far longer than the majority of components on my bike. Being super modular it makes it effortless to change freehubs / end caps / axles on the fly without specialist tools" - Jesse


Image Credit: Kike Abelleira @kikeabelleiraphoto