Berd Spokes

Berd spokes are a game-changer. Unlike every other spoke which is made of metal, Berd spokes are made with a fabric which feels like space-age string.  When playing with Berd spokes in your hand your brain struggles to comprehend how something so light and flimsy could be built into something as strong as a bicycle wheel. They’re incredible.

They’re also incredibly hard to work with. They don’t lace into hubs like steel spokes, they don’t tension-up like steel spokes, and they don’t de-stress like steel spokes. Honestly, we’ve tapped into all 15 years of our wheelbuilding experience and at the same time approached building these spokes with fresh eyes to ensure we’re able to deliver long-lasting wheels with them.

Berd’s woven UHMWPE fabric (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) is most commonly recognizable under the brand name Dyneema and is used in things like high performance sail rigging, body armor and spine implants.  There aren’t many uses inside the bike industry but it has two significant benefits when used in spokes:  Ultra light weight and increased vibration damping.

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