DT Swiss Hubs

We’ve been building with DT Swiss hubs for years. They’re reliable and available in a wide variety of spec options, so ideal for the heart of a custom wheelset. Whether building for road, gravel or mountain bike, DT Swiss has a hub solution.

DT Swiss 350

The DT Swiss 350 is sometimes referred to as the ‘people’s hubset’. It’s an entry level high performance hub. Get nerdy with all the specs here.

DT Swiss 240 EXP

The DT 240 EXP hubset is lighter and more expensive than the 350. Hear it purrrrr here

DT Swiss 180 EXP

The DT 180 EXP is the crown jewel of lightweight hubs, and is only available in limited straight-pull configurations.


For in-depth comparison between all three hubs, check out our deep dive.

DT Swiss Spare Parts

Find parts and manuals on DT Swiss hubs here.


 350 2021350 2022240 EXP180 EXP
Drive system typeClassic star ratchetClassic star ratchetEXP star ratchetEXP star ratchet
Country of originTaiwanTaiwanTaiwanTaiwan
Bearing materialsteelsteelsteelhybrid ceramic
Bearing size - Driveside15x28x7mm15x28x7mm15x26x7mm15x26x7mm
Bearing size - Non Driveside15x28x7mm15x28x7mm15x26x7mm15x24x5mm
Visual appearance    
Surface finishPaintedAnodisedAnodisedAnodised
LogoStickerPermanent whitePerminent redPerminent black
Spoke typeJ-bend and StraightJ-bend and Straight pullJ-bend and StraightStraight only
Spoke countLotsLotsLotsLimited
Hub widths & Axle typeAllAllAllLimited
Weights:350 2021350 2022240 EXP180 EXP
(All of these are 148x12mm rear hubs with centerlock rotor and Microspline freehub body. Weights will vary depending on freehub body and rotor type)    
Total weight:249.45 g 214.50 g186.34 g
Weight comparison to 350-- -34.95 g-63.11 g
Weight comparison to 240 EXP34.95 g ---28.16 g
Weight comparison to 180 EXP63.11 g 28.16 g--
Hub shell (148x12mm)78.39 g 87.40 g66.51 g
Freehub body (Sram XD)40.48 g 40.05 g39.01 g
Axle (148x12mm)31.67 g 22.59 g22.65 g
Driveside endcap5.72 g 5.16 g5.14 g
Non Driveside endcap11.53 g 10.69 g10.71 g
EXP bearing carrier and driveside bearing-- 25.94 g24.65 g
Driveside bearing (350 only)16.12 g   
Non drive bearing16.12 g 12.12 g7.08 g
spring(s)2.14 g 1.22 g1.21 g
star ratchet plate(s)23.52 g 6.53 g6.54 g
Star ratchet spacer3.28 g 2.04 g2.05 g
EXP support ring-- 0.76 g0.79 g
Star ratchet carrier (350 only)17.18 g ----
Shell seal (350 only)2.22 g ----
Bearing cover (350 only)1.08 g ----