DT Swiss LN Upgrade

Turn your DT Swiss 370 hub into a 350

If you have one of the 3-pawl DT Swiss hubs like the 370 one of the best upgrades you can make is replacing the 3-pawl internals with the amazing star-ratchet internals from the 350 and 240.

These LN kits are everything needed to do this upgrade: A new ratchet ring, set of star ratchets and a new freehub body.

You need two tools to complete this job, one to remove the very tight 3-pawl ratchet ring, and one to tighten the new one. If you would like us to do this work for you no problem – just add the labour item to your shopping cart.

Ratchet Ring Upgrade

The LN kits include a set of 18-tooth ratchet rings. Want to upgrade to 54 teeth for better engagement? These are sold individually and you’ll need TWO of them:

DT Swiss Tools for LN Upgrades


If you want to change your freehub body to a new standard from your original the old endcap wont fit.  Select the correct endcap below.

A Note on LN Upgrades

Specialized, Roval and Giant all use DT Swiss internals in some (but not all) of their wheels. This will help you figure out whether these wheels can be upgrade to LN