A Close Look at the Dial Road Hub

Not simply content with offering industry-leading hubs from DT Swiss, Hope, Chris King and White Industries we have developed our own high end hubset.

Wheelworks Dial hubs are named after their precision freehub body which sounds like the dial on a bank vault.   

We designed a rim brake as well as disc brake version of the Dial with fully interchangable parts to produce the most modular, customisable hub on the market.

A key design feature was ease of service: We sell wheelsets all over the world and we want an easy hub to maintain and service with no special tools or parts required. The Dial requires no special tools to service.

It rains a lot in New Zealand so we spec’d top of the line stainless steel bearings hidden behind low-friction seals to ensure long running performance and we use angled flanges, a feature found on only the highest quality hubs, to ensure better spoke durability and this is reflected in our lifetime spoke warranty.

Internally machined axles keep the weight down to a svelte 84 grams front and 242 grams rear without compromising rolling-resistance, engagement, or durability.

Rim Brake

Front: 84g / Rear: 242g


Front: 2x 6900 (12x24x6mm)

Rear: 2x 6902 (15x28x7mm)

Freehub body: 2x (15x26x7mm – included with freehub body)

Disc Brake

Front: 142g / Rear 268g


Front: 2x 6902 (15x28x7mm)

Rear: 2x 6902 (15x28x7mm)

Freehub body: 2x (15x26x7mm – included with freehub body)

Axle Type:

Front: 100m quick release, 100x12mm thru-axle, 100x15mm thru-axle

Rear: 135mm quick release, 135mm Specialized SCS thru-axle, 142x12mm thru-axle

Freehub Body:

The same freehub body is used on both the rim-brake and disc-brake versions of the Dial for optimum versatility.

Shimano: Compatible with 8,9,10,11 and 12 speed cassettes from Shimano or Sram

SRAM XDR: Compatible with Sram 12 speed Eagle, AXS and XPLR cassettes

Campagnolo N3W : Compatible with Campagnolo 10, 11, 12 and 13 speed cassettes

Campagnolo 36mm: Compatible with Campagnolo 10, 11, and 12 cassettes