DT Swiss Alloy Rims

Road Rims

The following is a selection of DT Swiss rims we use in our Maker Rim Brake and Disc Alloy builds. There are many other rims we can also use - if there is something else you’re interested in, get in touch.

R 460

23mm deep, 18mm internal. Rim brake only.

The jack-of-all trades of road rims: light, wide and with an ideal price/performance ratio. The R 460 works perfectly with narrower tyres and will deliver many unforgettable rides on the road thanks to its reliability.

RR 511

32mm deep, 18mm internal. Disc or rim brake.

Anyone wanting to build a reliable super-stiff wheel is starting in the right place with the RR 511. Thanks to a state-of-the-art alloy and surface treatment, this extremely robust 32mm high semi-aero rim is lighter than you would think. And those thinking of using it on Gravel or Cyclocross courses can easily install tubeless tyres.

RR 481

For those running 28mm+ road tyres, this is our rim of choice due to it's wider internal width compared to the RR 511.

Are you searching for a pair of rims capable of riding off the beaten path? The RR 481 may be the perfect option for you. With an inner width of 22mm and approved up to 130kg system weight, this extremely durable rim is made for rough off-road rides. Whether you mount them on your cyclocross bike, your gravel racer or for your next bikepacking trip, the RR 481 won't let you down.

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