Hope Pro 5 hub Deep Dive

Hope Pro 5 hubs recently landed in NZ and we were keen to check them out, and see what's different to the Pro 4. Our Deep Dive video provides some more information and gets into the details of the Pro 5.

It's rare that one product covers everything from road to eMTB, but the Pro 5 really does do this. If you initially thought Hope hubs weren’t for your riding style the Pro 5 might make you reconsider!

One of the big talking points is the introduction of a center lock disc brake platform, as well as still offering 6-bolt.

Freehub bodies are available in high engagement or super durable options. The Pro 4 had 44 points of engagement but the Pro 5 is available in either 54 POE for the heavy-duty steel freehub body or 108 POE for the aluminium model.

One of the more interesting changes in the Hope Pro 5 hubs is the unique design of the pawl springs and the incredibly low freehub body drag they bring.

Hope hubs have been tweaked and modernised as bikes, and needs, change. To me, this incremental improvement is a fantastic thing and deserves to be recognised as much as products with a step-change improvement.

Hope Pro 5 hubs are now available and an option in our online wheel builder. For advice or more information, please reach out to us on 04 387 3592 or sales@wheelworks.co.nz.

- Tristan