Hope Boost Front hub

All of the information on this page relates to the these models of Hope hub only. 

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The Pro2, Pro2 EVO and Pro 4 front hubs all use a pair of 20x32x7mm bearings.  We like using the SKF bearings as replacements as we've found them to be super high quality, really durable, and cost-effective.

The bearing codes are 6804 or 61804 if you choose to buy other bearings.


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The bicycle industry is well known for it’s lack of “standards” and hubs seem to be the worst offenders!    We've got some great information to help you better understand the different widths and diamters of hubs.

Front hub endcaps are press-fit into the bearings. This 110mm hub can be converted to the following:

100x9mm Quick release with: (not possible)
100x9mm thru-bolt with: (not possible)
110X12mm thru-axle with: HUB482
110x15mm thru-axle with: HUB441
110x15mm Torque Cap with: HUB485
110x20mm non-Boost with: (not possible)
110x20mm Boost with: HUB494