Hope Pro2 Rear Hub

All of the information on this page relates to the this models of Hope hub only. 

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Pro4 Internal Conversion

The Pro2 uses the same hub shell as the Pro2 EVO which superseded it. The Pro2 used a 15mm axle (and therefore bearings with a 15mm inside diameter) which was fine in the quick-release days but axles started breaking once 12mm thru-axles became the norm.

The Pro2 was only offered in various 135mm and 142mm widths. There is no 148mm Boost version.

These days getting parts for the original Pro2 is tough, and generally not recommended.  If you really want to keep using your hub then your best option is to replace the endcaps, seals, axle, and freehub body with Pro 4 items - all of these will fit and you'll need to replace all of them as there is no interchangeability.  Give us a call to help with this.