OG Carbon

This is both the highest performance and  the most durable adventure wheelset (whether carbon or alloy) we make:  Years after it’s release we are yet to see a single rim crack or fail in any way despite the countless adventures they’ve been used (and abused) on so you can be confident the OG won’t leave you stranded.

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Stock Availability

Overall stock availability of our rims and DIAL hubs is good and we have these in stock. Lead times for some components are affected by supply chain issues. Get in touch for the latest updates.

Designed for flexibility. Customised for use

The term “gravel bike” covers such a wide range of uses and the OG can be configured to excel at any of them.   All OG wheels have our lifetime warranty and no limitations on their use, however understanding how you will use your bike and wheels allows us to fine-tune the OGs performance.  The OG has been proven countless times in Tour Aotearoa, Tour Divide, Paris-Brest-Paris, and your local cyclocross race course.

OG – Race builds use a special light-weight carbon layup in the rims and match this to fewer spokes for a responsive wheelset perfect for cyclocross bikes and day adventures.

OG – Overnight pairs the light-weight front rim with a heavy-duty rear rim and a higher spoke count.  This is the perfect middle ground if you want have a wheelset capable of carrying a few nights worth of load without being laden down.

OG – Bike Packing uses the strongest layup OG rims and an increased spoke count for back country piece of mind.  A modified carbon layup puts more carbon in the U shape of the rim for increase durability and abrasion resistance. A higher spoke count acts as a backcountry failsafe to deal with the extra weight of bikepacking bags.

Different sizes: Different uses

The two rim sizes of the OG are designed differently because we know that bikes with 650b wheels and tyres are used and ridden differently to ones with 700c wheels and tyres.

650b Rim Design and Tyre Choice

The 650b (also known as 27.5″) version of the OG uses a hookless bead better suited to 27.5″ tyre options so that when the terrain gets gnarly the OG’s burp-free tubeless bead will give you amazing grip, comfort, and traction.

Please note that the hookless bead of the 27.5″ OG requires the use of a tubeless-ready tyre and has a maximum tyre pressure of 40psi.  There are no restrictions on what brand or model of tyre you can use on this rim.

700c Rim Design and Tyre Choice

The OG’s 27mm bead-width allows you to install any tyre wider than 28mm.  It is tubeless-ready to work with the latest generation of tubeless-road tyres and has been painstakingly designed to be as easy as possible to install these often tight-fitting tyres.  Matched to the tubeless design is a hooked bead which allows the use of non-tubeless tyres and to provide uncompromised safety.

The OG is the perfect match for 40-45mm tyres but will work equally well with 2.2″ mountain bike tyres on a drop-bar gravel bike.

Have to ride long sections of pavement to get to the good stuff?  The OG’s hooked bead will allow you to inflate your tyres for minimum rolling resistance.  When the terrain gets gnarly the OG’s burp-free tubeless bead will give you amazing grip and traction.

There is no maximum tyre pressure for the 700c OG rim but you’ll still need to follow the tyre’s pressure guidelines.  There are no restrictions on what brand or model of tyre you can use on this rim.

Uncompromising quality meets stunning beauty

The OG is proudly manufactured for us in China by the world’s leading carbon rim producer. We’ve built thousands of wheels with rims produced in the USA and Europe and the quality of the OG surpasses all of them.

Most carbon rims are sanded and filled to remove small mold marks but to show off the OGs incredible quality we’ve left the OGs structural carbon on display.  This also reduces weight and keeps the rims surface finish less susceptible to cosmetic damage and scratches.

Light Weight Without Compromise

Versatility doesn’t have to come at the cost of weight.  We’ve engineered the OG to have class-beating light weight to retain that fun, responsive feeling that a great pair of wheels provides without compromising on the wheelsets ability to attack rough gravel sections with confidence.  If you’ve upgraded to carbon wheels on your road or mountain bike you know the performance improvement that a good pair of wheels will make and the OG brings this same jump to gravel and CX bikes.

Lifetime Warranty with no bullshit

If you break a OG carbon rim we’ll replace it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s impact damage or JRA – we’ll cover it.  No fineprint.

The best warranty is the one you never need and our incredibly low failure rate is the reason we can offer a lifetime warranty and why you can trust our wheels.

The OG is the most durable, impact-resistant rim in it’s class, and is far more durable than aluminium rims twice it’s weight.  Even a cracked OG will continue to hold tubeless and be rideable.  The OG won’t leave you stranded.

24 hour Warranty turn-around

We prioritise any warranty work and make it the most important job in the shop. We aim to have all warranties dealt with within 24 hours because we know how much it sucks to not ride your bike.

We don’t need to wait for approval from an overseas head-office or wait for special ‘warranty stock’ to be sent out – we just fix your wheel. Fast.

Disc Brake Specific

Disc brakes are nothing new to us at Wheelworks: While the rest of the industry tries to catch up to this ‘latest trend’ our staff bikes have been using discs for years.  The OG is the latest addition to the family and sports a wide profile to match the current crop of disc-road frames with ample tyre clearance. By combining the advantages in stopping power from discs, with the wind cheating profile of the rim, the OG Carbon Disk is a true neoclassic of carbon wheels.

Dynamo equipped?

The additional option of a SON front dynamo hub brings light to winter commutes or overnight adventures, or can be used to charge phones and GPS devices.

We choose the SON dynamo hubs as their German precision has proven to make them the most reliable dynamos on the market.

Thanks to our customers @___willem___ @backy____ and @_tighe for their OG photos