Personalised to you

Whether it's a custom bike build, new rig or upgrading wheels on a trusted ride, the details of your wheels can make a difference to the overall look.

Personalising your wheels might mean matching your bike, or intentionally not. Over the years we've matched wheels to corporate branding, tractors, children's favourite colours - every kind of inspiration!

With options across rim decals, hub decals, coloured hubs, spoke colour and feature coloured spokes at the valve, there's lots of ways to make your wheels unique.

Having a pop o' colour is a popular option. Sometimes there's a feature colour, sometimes all the colours!

The opposite approach is equally common. Black on black can be subtle and stealthy and the classic combos in black, grey, silvers, whites and reds always look great.

Berd spokes can be dyed post build almost any colour, pattern or design imaginable.

We love seeing how each and every customer chooses to personalise their wheels. Whether it's a tried and true classic look or a new and innovative idea, it's awesome to be able to bring your personal touch to life.

And of course, if inspiration strikes over the life of your wheels, re-decalling your wheels is almost always an option so get in touch at 04 387 3592 or if it's time for a change.