Simon’s Moots Routt 45

I’ve craved a Moots since first reading about them in Mountain Bike Action magazine when I was 12. They’re a US company with a storied past based in Steamboat Springs Colorado – a town with such a magical name that I simply must visit it one day. When a Moots box arrived at work it didn’t have my name on the shipping ticket which was bad news for me but great news for Simon.

The Details

I’m the kinda person who focuses on the little details, and generally if the little details are good then the whole picture is good. That’s certainly true of this Moots.

I’ve got a thing for titanium hooded dropouts and the examples on this Moots are top notch and integrate really well into the 3d printed disc mount. Many metal bike brands have really fallen behind on flat-mount disc tabs compared to the production carbon bike brands so it was refreshing to see a well thought-out and executed dropout and disc mount on this Moots.

The titanium welding is as you’d expect from Moots: Perfect. You could spend hours looking at every angle of every weld and nary find a bead out of place. Simply incredible.

The Overall

Geez, what a good looking bike! Simon did a great job of choosing a selection of components and tying everything together without it looking full-wanker matchy-matchy.

Enough of my Gibber Gabber

Let’s get to the photos.  As always Boston did a fantastic job of capturing this beautiful bike.