Spoke Nipple Clamp

If you need to replace a broken spoke, but not the nipple, you either need to remove the tyre and/or insert, or risk the nipple falling into the rim – it’s a fiddly and frustrating job. I couldn’t find a good tool for this job so I’ve made one and now it’s a super easy job.

How to use

Install the tool

Slip the Spoke Nipple Clamp (SNC) over the broken spoke

Tighten the bolt

Tighten the bolt to 0.5Nm .  The bolt does not need to be very tight and damage to the spoke nipple clamp and/or nipple will occur if you overtighten 

Fit the new spoke

Remember that using a thinner butted spoke and putting a slight banana-shape bow into the spoke before inserting into the hub will make it easier to clear the other spokes

Insert the new spoke into the nipple

Rotate the SNC to tighten the nipple 

Remove the tool

Loosen and remove the bolt and unclip the SNC from the spoke.  If your new spoke is butted then it will be easier to remove the tool from the smaller diameter section of spoke

How we made it

Why is it in a plastic bag?

We need a way of delivering the SNCs without their bolt getting lost. 

After trying various ways of securing the bolt the best option was using a small bag.  Unfortunetly we can't find a suitable paper bag which seales sufficiently well so we have used a plastic bag.

We have chosen a relatively large bag which is hopefully large enough for you to re-use in your workshop.

What bolt does it use?

A brass heat-set insert is installed into the SNC to provide a robust thread.

An M3 bolt is required.  A bolt as short as 12mm will work but we suggest a 14mm or 16mm length as these are easier to grip when you remove the bolt.