2018 mountain bike range on trail now

2018 range: Lifetime guaranteed carbon from $2300, alloy from $1200
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Wheelworks is a custom wheelbuilding company. We don’t have wheels sitting on a warehouse shelf collecting dust waiting for someone to buy them – we build every set to order for an individual customer. So why do we have a “range” of wheels?

By grouping similar wheels we can make it easier for you, dear customer to find what you’re looking for. Having wheels in groupings means options and pricing is clear and easy to understand. Our range won’t cater for every individual rider but gives us a starting point for the customisation discussions.

2018 Carbon

Our current carbon wheel models are our own design, made exclusively for us. For years we re-branded the excellent Derby rims but there were things we wanted to improve so we parted ways with Derby and designed our own.

We’ve got three models of carbon rim: XC, Trail and Enduro and their names should give away what they’re best suited for but give us a yell if you’re in the grey area between categories and we’ll help you out.

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