DT Swiss 180 v 240 v 350 Full Breakdown

We got heaps of traction from our previous Dt-Swiss video so we made more! Check out this full breakdown of the weights of DT hubs. https://www.wheelworks.co.nz/dt-swiss… Check out some of our videos below What do you think of Road Tubeless? Have you tried it? Check our Video out! → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WzoI… Confused about what DT hubs […]

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DT Swiss Hub Comparison Deep Dive

It’s not every day you get to disassemble $2000 worth of hubs and weigh each individual component but I’ve gotta admit that I really enjoyed this! 350 240 EXP 180 EXP Country of origin Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan Bearings Bearing material steel steel hybrid ceramic Bearing size – Driveside 15x28x7mm 15x26x7mm 15x26x7mm Bearing size – Non […]

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