Dt-Swiss EXP Issue

DT Swiss messed up this time.  The new EXP ratchet system is described by DT Swiss as having “superior reliability” by using “25 years of star ratchet technology to bring a product to the market that further evolves around the idea of reliability and engagement precision”

However, that’s not true.  DT had an issue with the surface finish of some of these new EXP ratchet things which can cause the rear EXP hub to misbehave. 

That’s not where DT Swiss stuffed up though.  They stuffed up by trying to keep the whole thing quiet.  

We still love DT Swiss but we really wish they’d come to us first once they knew they had a problem so we could have been proactive with our customers.

This DT Swiss problem can effect all 240 EXP and 180 EXP hubs. It doesn’t effect the 350 or 370 hubs, or older non-EXP hubs.

This video explains all the problems and solutions to get your EXP hub back to 100% performance.

DT Swiss official bulletin: https://www.dtswiss.com/en/ratchet-exp-maintenance-notice