DT Swiss Hub Comparison Deep Dive

It’s not every day you get to disassemble $2000 worth of hubs and weigh each individual component but I’ve gotta admit that I really enjoyed this!

350240 EXP180 EXP
Country of originTaiwanTaiwanTaiwan
Bearing materialsteelsteelhybrid ceramic
Bearing size – Driveside15x28x7mm15x26x7mm15x26x7mm
Bearing size – Non Driveside15x28x7mm15x26x7mm15x24x5mm
Visual appearance
Surface finishPaintedAnodisedAnodised
LogoStickerPerminent redPerminent black
Spoke typeJ-bend and StraightJ-bend and StraightStraight only
Spoke countLotsLotsLimited
Hub widths & Axle typeAllAllLimited
Weights:350240 EXP180 EXP
Total weight:249.45 g214.50 g186.34 g
Weight comparison to 350-34.95 g-63.11 g
Weight comparison to 240 EXP34.95 g-28.16 g
Weight comparison to 180 EXP63.11 g28.16 g
Hub shell (148x12mm)78.39 g87.40 g66.51 g
Freehub body (Sram XD)40.48 g40.05 g39.01 g
Axle (148x12mm)31.67 g22.59 g22.65 g
Driveside endcap5.72 g5.16 g5.14 g
Non Driveside endcap11.53 g10.69 g10.71 g
EXP bearing carrier and driveside bearing25.94 g24.65 g
Driveside bearing (350 only)16.12 g
Non drive bearing16.12 g12.12 g7.08 g
spring(s)2.14 g1.22 g1.21 g
star ratchet plate(s)23.52 g6.53 g6.54 g
Star ratchet spacer3.28 g2.04 g2.05 g
EXP support ring0.76 g0.79 g
Star ratchet carrier (350 only)17.18 g
Shell seal (350 only)2.22 g
Bearing cover (350 only)1.08 g

DT-Swiss 350 Internal Parts Weight

DT-Swiss 240 EXP Internal Part Weight

DT-Swiss 180 EXP Internal Part Weight