Huttcross is coming

Huttcross is the yearly Wellington pilgrimage of mud:  Based on traditional cyclocross but with it’s own flare and it’s own level of fun it’s organising committee have done an excellent job of providing great racing at the pointy end and cultivating a great atmosphere of participation and fun across all skill levels and grades.  

This will be our 4th year of sponsoring Huttcross and every year we’ve given away a free wheelset to the lucky winner of a draw.  This year that could be you!  The more rounds you race the more entries into the draw.

This year there will be less muddy grass (yes!) and more variety of courses (double-yes!) and a condensed calendar should mean fewer conflicts at the tail end of winter when other events start up.  It’s great to see Huttcross evolve with the times and continue to improve.  The kids race is being moved to between B and A grade which is rad as no doubt the kids will love the torn-up course 🙂

Buy a wheelset and we’ll sponsor your entryBuy any wheelset from us before the start of the Huttcross season and we’ll shout your seasons pass. 

Looking for a new mountain bike wheelset?  Our Version 3 Flite rims are due to drop any day now and with it the Version 2 have taken a price drop.  Looking for a disc brake road wheelset you can also use with knobbie tyres on your hacked together CX bike?  The Maker AR has your name on it (literally – we do the decals in-house and will put your name on them if you want)

Maybe our lifetime guaranteed carbon isn’t your thing?  In that case any of the excellent DT Swiss aluminium rims built by Gavin or Liam into our range of hubs will still quality you for a free entry.

Just mention this promo when you order online or talk with us over the phone / email / in person.
With the colder days approaching we’ve got plenty of nice warm zip-ups in stock for NZ$80.  Wearing one won’t provide you with wheelbuilding superpowers like Liam has but it will keep you warm and suitably stylish for pre- and post-Huttcross as well as cafe brunch.
As always let me know if you have any questions or comments!  Hopefully we’ll see you at Huttcross this season.  Thanks to Chainslap for the photos from their excellent coverage of previous seasons.

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