We’re incredibly lucky to have amazing roads, trails and gravel to explore from our doorstep in Wellington. These adventures have refined our wheelset offerings: We’ve learned first-hand what works on the wide range of surfaces we ride.

Our build quality and attention to detail is critical on any wheelset but more so when you’re battling a headwind on an exposed section of coastline. We individually handbuild our wheels to be trusted miles from home and back them with a lifetime warranty and a lifetime guarantee against broken spokes.

Dropbar Adventure – The Maker AR and Maker OG Carbon

The Maker AR is the most versatile wheel we build and is equally at home on a go-fast road bike as an Open UP or similar adventure bike.  Its 23mm bead-width allows you to install any tyre from 25mm to 45mm and is tubeless-ready to work with the latest generation of tubeless-road tyres.

The Maker OG is designed for bikepacking, drop-bar gravel bikes, and offroad adventures. It’s the perfect wheelset for the current crop of super capable gravel bikes like an Open Wi.de or Salsa Cutthroat.

Both the Maker AR and Maker OG are guaranteed for life, including broken spokes and impact damage.

Flat tyres suck so the Maker AR and Maker OG have been painstakingly designed to be as easy as possible to install often tight-fitting tubeless tyres – save your curse words for tired legs or for when you run out of snacks.  Matched to the tubeless design is a hooked bead which allows the use of non-tubeless tyres and to provide uncompromised safety at higher pressures because sometimes there are long stretches of pavement between the rough bits.

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    Maker OG Carbon Disc

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    Maker AR Carbon Disc

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The Maker AR is offered in both 700c and 650b

Flatbar Adventure – Lifetime Guaranteed Carbon

We can tailor our Flite Carbon wheelset range for the demands of adventure riding on a traditional mountain bike or flat handlebar touring bike. Adding a Rohloff or dynamo hub can give extra versatility without compromising performance.

The Flite Carbon range are guaranteed for life including impact damage and broken spokes allowing you to explore further and worry less.

Mike and John exploring Dew Lakes, Nelson NZ

Dropbar or Flatbar Adventure – DT Swiss Alloy rims

The DT Swiss mountain bike range of rims works extremely well for adventure riding: They have a slight hooked bead to allow the higher tyre pressures sometimes needed for narrower tyres on smooth roads, and their multiple width options work with a wide range of tyre sizes.

Over 13 years of wheelbuilding we’ve learned a lot about which alloy rims work and which don’t. We’ve found the DT Swiss range of aluminium rims to be the most durable, highest quality rims available.

All our alloy wheelset have a lifetime warranty against broken spokes and a two year warranty on rims.

Dynamo and Rohloff

Because we individually build every wheelset we’re able to customise them with dynamo hubs or Rohloff internal gearboxes.

We build with both SP and SON dynamo hubs but in most cases we suggest the SON as we’ve found them to be more reliable and only slightly more expensive. We can incorporate a SON dynamo into any style of wheel from a go-fast road bike to a full suspension mountain bike.

Rohloff 14 speed internal gearboxes are an incredible demonstration of German engineering.

Both of these hubs are available on any wheelset we build. They both have a myriad of options which are hard to boil down to an easy-to-order website product so it’s sometimes best for you to give us a call or email and we can help.

Puncture stop, somewhere west of Lake Ferry, Wairarappa, NZ

Thanks to Tighe for most of the images on this page and Backy for the video- they were shot them during a 140km loop of ‘The Big Coast’ – the Rimutaka Incline, Ocean Beach, Wainuiomata, and Eastbourne.