Berd Spokes: We answer your questions!

We asked you to submit questions on what you want to know about the space-aged string spokes: Berd Polylight spokes (@berdspokes). Tristan answers your questions about these Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) spokes and talks about some of their unique properties.

Berd spoked wheels built by Wheelworks should not need any re-tensioning or re-truing.  Berd spokes have a unique “settling” process due to their material and construction but by using Grimlock we are able to complete this while your Berd spoked wheels are being built.

Berd offer a 5 year warranty on their spokes which covers manufacturing defects only.

Further to this Wheelworks offers a 5 year Spoke & Nipple, Wheelbuild and Carbon Rim Impact Damage (if applicable) Warranty on Berd spoked wheels which we have built.

This is less than the Lifetime warranty we offer on steel spoke wheel builds for two reasons:

  1. There will be some abrasion on the spokes with use, especially at the hub area.  This is a result of the natural movement of the spokes inside the wheel and cannot be avoided.
  2. Berd spokes are a relatively new product and while we trust the science and tech, we simply don’t know what we don’t know.

Yes. It’s important that you understand that your J-bend hubs will need to be modified to use Berd spokes as we need to deburr the spoke flanges holes.  This process is irreversible and once done your hubs will not be able to be used with regular steel spokes.  This modification will void your hub warranty.

Probably not.  Almost all straight pull hubs will not require any modification when using Berd spokes.

For other Berd technical questions please contact us, or check out the tech page on Berd’s website

You can clean your spokes using a high quality dish soap and water, along with some elbow grease.

Do not use harsh solvents or cleaning supplies on your spokes.

White Berd spokes will stay pretty white, but will grey a little with use. Over time you may see some staining from dirt, mud, etc. but the UHMWPE is not like white bar tape!

If the colour is a big concern, we suggest using one of our Spoke Coloring Kits to color your spokes.