Broken spokes and dark chocolate

Spokes break for a bunch of different reasons but the most common that we see on our wheels is the ol' stick-in-the-wheel, causing the spoke to break along its length.

Spoke breakages in the middle of the spoke are not covered by our warranty, however we usually replace 1 or 2 spokes at no charge and can generally turn around same-day. You don't need to include a block of chocolate like Jamie did, however we prefer dark so Jamie nailed it!

Often we see damaged but not broken spokes, usually from the chain over-shifting the cassette. If the damage is minimal like in these photos we prefer not to replace these spokes if it’s unlikely they’ll break so as not to upset the wheel. If there are big nicks or bends in the spoke then we’ll replace them.

Want to learn WHY spokes break and what we as wheelbuilds can do to prevent them? Check out our video