World Championship winning wheels!

We're immensely proud of Sammie's epic U23 XCO win last weekend at the UCI MTB World Champs, riding a set of our FLITE TrailLite Carbon wheels with Berd spokes.

Sammie's win is special as she is the first kiwi female to take the U23 world title. If you haven't seen the race, it's a dominant performance from the gun and well worth watching either the highlights or full race.

Sammie's wheels are a bit special too, just like every wheelset we build 🙂 Just like any other rider we listened to Sammie's needs, suggested a set of components, helped her select custom decals, and built the wheels using our legendary build process and tooling.

In Sammie's case we used:

  • Wheelworks TrailLite 29" carbon rims (24h front / 28h rear)
  • Dial center lock hubs
  • Berd Polylight spokes
  • Sapim aluminium nipples.

Berd's "string" spokes are a relatively new technology for us but one which we've found to be simply amazing. Their UHMWPE material makes the wheels super light, but just as importantly super comfortable to ride with a smooth buzz-free experience which riders like Sammie equate to dropping 5psi of tyre pressure.

We have Sammie's 'ride feel' write up on her wheels (as well as plenty of other ambassadors and customers) in our Berds Nest, if you'd like to learn more about the specific differences in ride experience.

Among the other Kiwi athletes at the World Champs was Ethan Woods, also riding Berd-spoked FLITE TrailLite wheels. It didn't come together for Ethan on the day but watching this young-gun step up from local hitter to world class rider has been a highlight of the year. He's had a string of great results this year which will no doubt continue.

Also - how good are modern XCO courses?!? Gone are the days of boring non-technical trails. Modern courses really test riders and equipment - just look at Ethan sending this rock roll:

After 17 years of building wheels I still get a buzz seeing people having fun out there on Wheelworks wheels - ripping up trails, climbing hills, going on adventures, whatever your riding is.

That buzz is surreal when it's World Championships. To know the years of continuous improvements and obsessive attention to detail continues to deliver reliable, high performing wheels trusted by riders at the pointy end is humbling. I'm very proud that Wheelworks builds World Championship winning wheels.

If you need a new pair of wheels for your next adventure, or to win a World Championship, please get in touch on 04 387 3592 or

- Tristan