You Need a Campagnolo 36mm Freehub Body

This can also be accomplished by using an N3W freehub body and an adapter

Campagnolo are the only ones to use this 36mm long freehub body "standard".  It was introduced when they released 9 speed cassettes in 1997 and fits all 9 through 12 speed Campagnolo cassettes making it one of the longest-lasting "standards" in the bike industry!

Campagnolo 36mm vs N3W

It has now been superseded / supplemented by N3W.  You are able to install a 36mm cassette onto an N3W freehub body with Campagnolo part number HU2AC21N3W

Please note the opposite is not true:  There is no way of fitting an N3W cassette onto a Campagnolo 36mm freehub body.

Understanding other Freehub Bodies