We’re back in the workshop

All of us are back in the workshop, turn-around times are back to normal, and things are looking good 🙂

Last updated: Tuesday 28 April

Delivery times

Current turn-around for new wheels is just over a week. and turn-around for a repair will be a couple of days. Please get in touch if you would like to know more | 04 387 3592

Covid-19 Contact-free pickup/dropoff

Under Level 3 we are open by appointment only for pickups and dropoffs.  Please call 04 387 3592 to organize a time.

When you arrive at the shop please knock on the front door and come in.  Please remain behind the line on the floor.

If you’re collecting a repair or wheelset we’ll have them ready before you arrive and they’ll be waiting for you near the front door.

If you are dropping something off please use the hooks and bike stand at the front of the shop to leave your items.

We will be there to help you with this (from a distance of course)


We have great stock and we don’t anticipate running out of our popular products.  

We are lucky that we work with a few factories and suppliers in China and Taiwan so we were able to see what impact the Covid-19 virus was having on their business and we reacted before the virus hit NZ.  As we saw the virus approaching we anticipated similar problems of supply chain breakdown and as a result we purchased a very large amount of stock to ensure we have enough parts on hand to continue building wheels.

We’ve got great stock of all our popular products (the Version 3 Flite mountain bike rims, Maker road rims, DT Swiss and Dial hubs), we’ve doubled the number of spokes we hold, and we’ve ensured we’ve got enough of the small items like rim tape, valves, shipping boxes etc.  


My number one priority is looking after our staff.  We’ve put in place a variety of best-practise measures to ensure we limit exposure to the outside world and limit any risk of transmission between ourselves.  We don’t work in close proximity to each other, the majority of our work is individually completed, and none of us take public transportation so we feel that we’re safe to continue working.  We’ve implemented lots of internal changes and we’re meeting regularly (at a safe distance) to re-evaluate the risks and our actions as virus situation changes.


The vast majority of our sales and delivery is online so in many respects nothing has changed.  

In order to keep you and us safe in the workshop we have cordoned off the front section of our shop, and we kindly ask you to say within that area.  We’ll be able to help you, show you products, and answer your questions, however it will be from a slightly larger distance than normal.

If you would prefer not to come into the shop our regular phone and email are great ways to contact us.  If you want to have a digital look at any of our products just ask and we can organise a Skype / Hangouts / Messenger video call.


If you have any questions about our Covid-19 response or about any of our wheels please contact me.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and above all don’t panic. We’ll get through this.

04 387 3592