Berd Wheelsets at Wheelworks

We did our first Berd spoke wheelbuild way back in 2020 and instantly noticed how different these spokes are to build wheels with and ride.

I could immediately see the possible advantages of Berd spokes but approached with caution.  I’ve grown skeptical of companies that arrive on the scene with some ‘game changing’ product or tech as they almost certainly don’t live up to the hype.

After nearly 4 years of testing, researching, wheelbuilding with and riding Berd spokes, we know they’re the real deal. The super light UHMWPE material really does create a wheel with improved smoothness.

Introducing Berd Sparrow and HAWK30

We are thrilled to introduce the Berd Sparrow and HAWK30 wheelsets, extending our range of wheel offerings and giving you more opportunity to optimise your ride.

Both feature Berd’s own rims, their hook-flange Talon hubs and, of course, Berd spokes.

Fly with Berd Sparrow

Designed for the gravel enthusiast, the Sparrow wheelset is a perfect blend of performance and durability, and currently the lightest 25 mm internal production gravel wheelset on the market.

Discover detailed specifications and pricing on our Sparrow Wheelset product page.

Ruffle feathers with HAWK30

Engineered for versatility across XC/Trail/Enduro mountain bikes, the HAWK30 wheelset is light enough for XC racing but tough enough for gnarly trail rips and "light" enduro runs. HAWK30 wheels combine lightweight and vibration damping Berd spokes with 30 mm internal carbon rims.

Visit our HAWK30 product page for more information.

Available now

Berd wheelsets are available now from Wheelworks directly, or through your local bike shop. If you have any questions or sales enquiries, Contact Us.