Celebrating Milestones in a Cyclone

Two weeks ago we tried to celebrate Wheelworks 17th birthday but a cyclone ripped through New Zealand leaving a path of death and destruction.  Although we were not directly impacted, our customers and suppliers were, and seeing the photos and videos on the news we instantly knew it was not time to celebrate such a milestone.

But since then I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting and I’ve realised that, actually, now is exactly the time to be celebrating the milestones we achieve and the positives.  We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past 17 years of Wheelworks to overcome challenges, to face up to difficulty, and to fight through the rough patches.  Not only are we still here but we’re better than ever at both building wheels and running a wheelbuilding business.

Adversity is reality.  Sometimes you don’t get to choose what’s thrown at you:  you’ve just got to adapt and overcome.  I’m thankful we are still here and proud we’re better than ever at building wheels.

My heart goes out to those who have lost family and friends, whose houses are destroyed, and whose jobs and businesses are impacted. I hope they can find the time and headspace to get out for a long bike ride, to appreciate the positive things they’ve worked for, and to celebrate the good things that come their way.

Kia kaha