Roadies: Two New GP5000 Models Are On The Way

I’ve been a fan of Continental tyres since the GP4000 was released way back in 2005 and I’ve followed their progression to the 4000s, the 4000s II, the 5000, and the current 5000 STR tubeless.

Rumour around the campfire is that we’re about to have two new tubeless-ready models of the 5000: the TT (time trial) and the AS (All Season).

GP5000 Time Trial

The 5000 TT is a lighter weight, more race-focused version of the 5000. It seems to use the same tread and casing as the ‘regular’ GP5000 STR but with a thinner, lighter sidewall to reduce rolling resistance (and presumably with a decrease in puncture resistance).

It’s already being used in the WorldTour by UAE Team Emirates despite it not being listed as an approved tyre on the hookless Enve rims the team uses. Also worth noting is that UAE Team Emirates are using this tyre for road racing, not just on their time trial bikes. Checkout CyclingNews for the full article and where I grabbed these images from.

The ridiculousness of "compatible tyre lists" isn't an issue on our road and gravel rims because we use a hooked bead.

GP5000 All Season

The 5000 All Season looks to be a heavier duty version of the 5000 better suited for unpaved roads, (or maybe the increasing number of potholes on our roads?)  It seems to use a different tread to the regular 5000 STR tubeless and also has a heavier duty casing and sidewall.  It’s going to be available in 28, 32, and a massive 35mm size in with either a reflective black or a cream sidewall.  The cream sidewall is apparently an actual white sidewall not the brownish “transparent” sidewall on the current GP5000 STR.  I thought the tan sidewall fad has already passed (or at least moved to gravel bikes) so it will be interesting to see if people buy many of these.   The reflective black sidewall has my attention though:  If you’ve seen my super-commuter you know I’m a big fan of reflective highlights for those gloomy winter rides before work.

The current model GP5000 STR is our best-selling tyre and our go-to recommendation for a good quality tubeless road tyre. It’s going to be interesting to ride the new TT and AS and see how they stack up, and whether one of them will dethrone the “regular” 5000 as my favorite all-around tyre.

This is all rumour and speculation as I’ve got no official word on these tyres but with the Spring Classics in full swing I’d expect a press release pretty soon… Strada Bianche (the best race on the calendar IMHO) is this weekend and would be a suitable venue for the All Season to break cover so I’ll be squinting at the race photos.

If you’re looking for the current model tyre we’ve got 28mm GP5000 STR (tubeless) in stock, and I’ll keep you in the loop as to when the TT and AS come our way.

Happy Friday,