How to install the Hope Pro5 freehub body

Step 1: Orient the green seal

The green seal and black retainer simply pull off the freehub body.

Orient the green seal as shown. 

All of these photos are taken as if you were looking down on the hub while installing.  The photos show a Microspline freehub body but instructions are the same for XD and HG

Step 2: Install the freehub body

With green seal and black retainer removed, drop the freehub body onto the hub.

Step 3: Install the green seal

With the green seal oriented correctly it should snap into place with light pressure from your fingers

Step 4: Install the retainer

The black seal retainer will now drop onto the freehub body.  Apply light pressure with your fingers and you'll feel it pop over the o-ring and seat correctly

Step 5: Install cassette

You can now install the cassette and continue

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